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My Newest Killer Marketing Tactic!

There are over one BILLION users now using Facebook and this social network is where your clients are hanging out. These folks are actually engaging in conversations about your competitor’s products and services and they’re sharing, commenting and “Liking” it all along the way.

This unprecedented volume of “irrationally passionate” people, all in one place is an absolute feast for anyone wanting to locate red-hot, highly targeted leads and turn them into new clients.

This will be the subject matter for my next USC lecture at the Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies on September 26th.

The magic software that I use is called Social Lead Freak and I’ll post the full lecture hear later.

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Back on Campus!

Professor Patrick Henry has asked for me to return to the Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies to teach another (updated) session on website creation with WordPress and specifically how to drive high-quality, viral traffic to newborn websites and blogs.

We’ll be covering ALOT of ground and I’ll be sure to leave the students will a great deal of immediately implementable actions to drive their websites to the top of the search engine results pages.

Looking forward to being back on campus! Fight On!

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Work with Don

Would You Like Me
To Personally
Double, Triple, or Even
Your Business…For Free?

Limited Seats Available!

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Protected: Linkedin Profit Flow

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LinkedIn/Facebook Group Owner Leadership

Are you a LinkedIn or Facebook Group owner with an engaged following of at least 3,000 members? Are you currently offering “How-to” information or any form of online training for your members? If the answer is “no”, we have an exciting solution for you because your members are starving for this information and we provide the solution for you!

Allow me to share with you how my team accidentally minted $185,677 for a LinkedIn Real Estate Investing Group Owner and then did it again to bank over $429,539 for a Social Media Group Owner. In fact, my intrepid “mistake” exposed an amazing profit center that works consistently for ANY engaged Facebook or LinkedIn Group…LIKE YOURS!

Advance and solidify your position as a true Thought Leader in your industry by providing valuable content to your Group. Content that helps your members achieve THEIR goals.

The graphic below breaks down all that WE do for you. You don’t need to lift a finger (but welcome to participate to any degree you wish) and we split all proceeds 50/50 (this creates a LOT of cash – the inevitable result of providing great solutions to your members).

In a nutshell, the process works like this:

  • We survey your Group to ask them what their #1 challenge is in their business.
  • We provide products &/or services to meet or exceed their needs. All products can be licensed with your name, image, brand, etc.
  • We handle all the nitty-gritty details such as building a support website, shopping cart, email management, video hosting, relationship management and all product support.
  • We conduct periodic webinars to engage, assist and provide your members with ongoing, helpful information.
  • We offer continuity through membership opportunities.
  • You maintain FULL control of everything, but don’t have to DO anything!

Added 3/11/2013. This service is currently closed to new partners. To be considered as a partner in the future, please contact us via the form below. A $500 set-up fee is required.

Your Name (required)

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Your Message (include Group name and member quantity)

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